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I would like to contact compagnies though to ask if they are still going maybe. So if you have her email, please send it to me :.

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Hey, her email is Sarah freestyleadventuretravel. I was there a few years back and it bring back such great memories! I hope you get to go! This is amazing!! I hope I can set aside a good amount of time to do a spontaneous trip like this along with finding a great deal like you! Aw, thank you so much. I am so glad you found this inspirational. I really hope you get to visit Antarctica one day, it is truly magical!

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Antarctica looks fabulous and your pictures are making me all excited, so bookmarking this! It looks like a beautiful place and your photos are amazing! Great read! How inspiring- what a fab story!

Last Minute Antarctica Cruises: Budget Options (Recently Updated)

I definitely dream of going to Antartica one day and this post is so helpful! Saving this post! So many things you were able to do and experience, good decision to go there last minute. Now if only I have that amount of money saved somewhere then I can be as spontaneous as you are. Oh my goodness! This post is amazing.

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And your photos are beautiful! I would cry, too, with all of that amazing wildlife around me. What a spectacular place. This is amazing and your photos are stunning. I had no idea you could just book on a boat to visit Antartica. One question, was the crossing rough when you did the trip?

How long did the first journey take? Hey, we were quite lucky. We were told the crossing was the smoothest they had had in years but I hear it can be very rough. The crossing is two days each way! What an amazing voyage! I cannot believe that you scored a last minute deal for Antarctica! Yes, if you get the chance, you MAKE it happen. I would have done the same thing, and hope to see it for myself one day.

Great photos! Oh wow!! The pictures are so stunning! It costs so much to get to Chile from India, that the trip seems even more expensive. Will read your post on how to save for the trip…inspirational. I am off to South America this year…maybe Antarctica next year! What a treat to read this post and see these amazing pictures today!

I have never thought about going top Antarctica as the first thing that would scare me off would be the cold, but from reading this post and the beauty of your pictures, I am definitely thinking of just having a once in a lifetime experience there and adding it to my bucket list. Will show this to my hubby! Bookmarking and pinning this!

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Thank you for this interesting post. With my wife, we planned to travel to Patagonia next march and we want to try to get a good deal to see Antartica. What was your cruise company and the name of the boat? Warm regards from France,. I am glad you found this post helpful. A reader actually scored a deal just like mine only last week.

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I would love to know how you go, please keep me posted. Very nice post. Yes you can get good deals in Ushaia, but if you subscribe to the various emailing lists you get deals for a similar price on the internet. It used to be the case that the cheapest deals were to be found rocking up and getting a last minute deal, but due to insurance and other factors, filling a boat by getting cheap last minute travellers no longer makes them any money, so boats will leave happily with spare space on board. Arctic all areas. Canadian Arctic. North America. North Atlantic.

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North Pole. Papua New Guinea. Polar Circle Cruises. Ross Sea and East Antarctica. South and Central America. South Atlantic. South Georgia and Falklands. Weddell Sea. Expedition Large. Expedition Small. Luxury Expedition Small. Luxury Large.

Sail or Motor Vessels. Special Land Program. Helicopter flights. Hot Air Ballooning. Snorkeling and Diving. Stand-up Paddleboarding. FROM Expedition vessels from 88 - passengers with a range of amenities. Meet our Team, here to guide you through the booking process. What do travelers say about us?

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Gabriel, Sarah and Miranda were like family the minute we entered their unique bunker office!!! Fantastic service and consultation! Stanley Yeo, aboard Ortelius , Dec I would have to say that my experience with Freestyle Adventure Travel was wonderful! They were extremely efficient and provided me with a cruise to Antarctica where I had just about given up hope of even going to the continent. Sarah and Gabi did go the extra mile on this one and I will forever be grateful!

I already got the antarctica deals for one year before leaving.

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The service was perfect! When I wrote when we wanted to go, we got a few offers, and we found the perfect one for us! And we got an amazing trip! Nathalie Stoop, aboard Akademik Ioffe , Feb Everything was perfect. I cannot find any words, even not in my mother tongue.