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Some exceptions may apply. No cash value. Each piece has a crunchy exterior coated in tiny crystals and a chewy center bursting with flavor. This chewing gum will leave you feeling instantly refreshed. Keep a bottle on your desk at the office or bring some extra freshness when you travel. For example, if you are in the United States, and you are buying lavender essential oil, are those lavender plants being grown in the United States?

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What about the people involved in essential oil production, from the growing or collecting of plant material, all the way to the final product? Are farmers or gatherers being given a fair price for their efforts?

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Is there support going back into the community? Do they have access to food, water, healthcare, and education? Is the industry negatively impacting culture? Are working conditions safe? What about the plants themselves? Are they critically threatened, or does the process of gathering the materials for their essential oil production actually kill the plant?

Are they an endemic species, or do they require very specific habitat that can easily be destroyed through intensive harvesting? Are industries cutting down forests to create space for agricultural crops, as is the case of palm oil? As you can imagine, there are many, many layers to this onion. And sometimes onions can give us tears. I use essential oils frequently for both self-care and for my family and clients.

They are doing good work and are transparent and fair in their business dealings. I make my essential oil purchases keeping in mind that essential oils are resource-intensive products. I have created my own bottom line. When learning how to define sustainability, it is important to remember that our purchasing power can shape entire industries. I have presented the preceding concepts and definitions with the hope that we all can discover how to ask better questions in regards to sustainability and learn how to think more critically about our essential oil purchases.

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It is probably safe to say that if you have read this entire post, you are a consumer of essential oils who is willing to do the work. For that, I commend you. FairWild Foundation Established in , the FairWild Foundation promotes the sustainable use of wild-collected ingredients, with a fair deal for all those involved throughout the supply chain. The Numen Blog and the Sustainable Herbs Project The Sustainable Herbs Project is a new project by the producers of the award-winning documentary, Numen: the Nature of Plants, the first feature length film on the healing power of plants.

We are creating an interactive documentary following medicinal plants through the supply chain to provide you with the information needed to feel more confident about the herbal remedies you purchase. American Sustainable Business Council The American Sustainable Business Council offers programs that educate and inform the public and policy makers about the benefits of a more sustainable economy and about policies and practices that can help the economy become more sustainable.

The Council spans a growing network of business associations across the United States, which in turn represent over , businesses and , business executives, owners, investors, and others. Lowell Center for Sustainable Production University of Massachusetts Lowell The long-term goal of Lowell Center projects and affiliates is to redefine environmentalism and occupational health and safety while also demonstrating how these concepts are compatible with new systems of production and consumption that are healthy for workers, environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially accountable.