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We have the red version, but the blue color actually fits in better with the PS4's aesthetic it even has a glowing blue light when powered on. Increase your storage again with this ridiculously well priced 6TB offering from Seagate. It's slick, slim and you can get versions from 2TB upwards - although this 6TB model represents the best value for money.

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There's no need for any mains cables either, just plug and play, and USB 3. If you get a 6TB drive The only problem is, you guessed it, the price. So what do you get? Well, read and write speeds are significantly quicker, so if you're using this SSD as extended storage, or for copying files to and from your PS4, you'll notice a big difference in how long it takes.

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This does cut game load times, and will boost the speeds of your transfers, but won't chop them in half. What's more, the WD is better value than its competitors, which is why it's our pick here. However, it comes at a slightly higher price too, so you constantly have to weigh that against what you actually get. Both read and write speeds come out marginally quicker with the T5. There's no doubt the Samsung looks the part, and it's both compact and durable, making it ideal if you're carrying PS4 games and files between locations.

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However, because the performance isn't hugely different to the WD, it's probably not worth getting the Samsung if you're simply using it as extended storage and not taking it with you. We've included the Samsung T5 here because, technically, it offers the best performance of all the PS4 hard drives we've tested, but because it doesn't offer the same value for money as other SSDs or the regular HDDs, it's tough to recommend unless you find a sweet deal and get serious money off.

Seagate FireCuda 2. It's a 2. While most now choose external PS4 hard drive storage, as you can set-up an external HDD as extended storage, there's a lot to be said for keeping a clean gaming set-up by having an internal drive. What's more, the Firecuda offers better read and write speeds than a standard HDD, which means you get near-SSD performance at a cheaper price. That's common sense, right there.

Check our video above for learning how to install an internal SSHD into your console. When it comes to SSDs, the EVO series has long been the gold standard, and the EVO replaces the series, thanks to superior performance and more modern design and parts. It's actually cheaper than most s now too. What's more, you'll often find the EVO series on sale via sites like Amazon, so you'll rarely pay full price for it.

SSD speeds are x quicker than those of HDDs, and while there are a number of other factors at play when it comes to console gaming, you will notice a boost in performance with a pure, internal SSD. Highly recommended. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info. Jump To:. PS4 external hard drives PS4 internal hard drives.

Western Digital 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive-USB 3.0-WDBYNN0010BBK-WESN, Black

Image 1 of 4 Image credit: WD. Image 2 of 4 Image credit: WD. Image 3 of 4 Image credit: WD.

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Image 4 of 4 Image credit: WD. The best PS4 external hard drive - storage and reliability on a budget. Image 1 of 4 Image credit: Toshiba. Image 2 of 4 Image credit: Toshiba.

  • Western Digital 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 Model WDBS4B0020BBK-WESN.
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Image 3 of 4 Image credit: Toshiba. Image 4 of 4 Image credit: Toshiba. Image 1 of 4 Image credit: Seagate.

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Image 2 of 4 Image credit: Seagate. Seagate scores the spot for the best hard drive deal, with their BarraCuda drives that strike that perfect balance between storage, speed and price. The 3TB drives in this lineup are an especially great deal, as they really hit that sweet spot between high density storage and a sweet 7,RPM spin rate.

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When it comes to gaming, the biggest priority is speed. Nobody wants to be playing their favorite PC games, only to encounter unbearable loading times. Hybrid drives combine the best aspects of both SSDs solid state drives and hard drives, and allow you have high storage density while also having the speed of an SSD for the data you use the most. That might seem like a small complement of SSD space, but it learns and store which files and applications you use the most, helping you access it faster than a standard HDD. Coming in GB and 1TB varieties, the Travelstar is a great deal for anyone who is looking for a great hard drive in their laptop.

Do you travel for work or school a lot? Well, if so, the WD Elements line of external drives might just be perfect for you.